Toyota FJ Cruiser Power Door Lock Failure - Diagnosis Guide

Toyota’s FJ Cruiser is one cool off-road machine, yet when the power door locks don’t work, it isn’t that cool anymore. Have a power door lock issue yourself? Here is a handy guide to help figure it out.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Power Door Lock Failure - Diagnosis Guide

Does your FJ Cruiser have a problem with the door locks? Here is a handy guide to figure out what’s wrong.

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In order to properly diagnose a door lock issue, you will need to take your time and try each one separately. It is really important to figure out exactly what is going on and what door is affected.

Single Door Broken

If you have just one door that isn’t working, the odds are that either the door lock is somehow bent or the door actuator has broken down. The door actuator is a little motor that drives the locking mechanism. In order to fix the problem, follow these steps.

  • Order a replacement part. 
  • Remove the door panel and peel back the shroud. Locate the locking mechanism and with the new part in hand, find the old part.
  • Remove the screws holding the old actuator and replace it.
  • Replace the plastic shroud and the door panel.

All Doors/Multiple Doors Fail

If you have more than one door failing to lock and unlock, try checking the door lock button on the door. If that switch and the key fob both don’t work, you probably have either a blown fuse or a larger electrical issue. Check the fuse box first and hope that is the problem. The larger electrical issue is much harder to diagnose and fix. It is recommended that you take your FJ to the dealer for repair.

Key Fob Doesn’t Work

If all your doors lock/unlock with the switch on the door and it is only the key fob that isn’t working, count your blessings – you have an easy fix. All you need to do is open the key fob and replace the battery. This will fix the problem you are having.