Toyota and Honda Face-off - Toyota Parts Blog


Competition between Toyota Motor Corp and Honda Motor Co. in the hybrid vehicle market is intensifying, with Honda hoping to gnaw away at the dominance of Toyota’s Prius by launching new hybrid models.

The fierce competition between the two leading Japanese automakers may lead to lower hybrid prices, which means more hyrbids out on the road.

The latest version of the Prius is so popular that would-be owners who place orders now must wait until mid-March 2010 at the earliest for delivery.

Hybrid vehicles make up more than half of Honda’s sales volume. Thanks to tax breaks and other government incentives, hybrids have become mainstream vehicles faster than expected.

Using genuine Toyota partstoyota, the Toyota hybrids powered by Toyota Camry Parts<, null, null, null, null)">Prius Parts are built stronger, and are made to last. I think they will always have the upper-hand against Honda.

Written by Tom Blackman