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New Changes to Chrysler - Toyota Parts Blog


The new and improved Chrysler has made many new improvements to their company, including its name. The new name is Chrysler Group LLC. Some of the other many changes to Chrysler include the CEO and Chairman, the number of dealerships, number of assembly plants, the number of the different types of cars, and the Sales in the US.

The numbers of dealerships have been reduced by about 900. Only 2,392 remain in the US. There are 9 assembly plants in the US, Mexico, and Canada. There were 12 as of January 1st, 2009. The numbers of models that Chrysler sells have reduced. There were 23 models in 2009, now they only have 20. The three dropped models will be replaced with the Fiat 500 and a few other Fiat-based nameplates in the next couple years.

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Written by Tom Blackman