Used Cars Sales Boom - Toyota Parts Blog

Used cars sales are now booming with the aftereffects of Cash For Clunkers. For those unlucky souls who missed out on this huge event, they re out buying late model used cars. Many people who’s vehicles didn’t meet the standers for Cash for Clunkers stuck around to see what kind of deal they could get.

The downside to all of this though, is used car prices are rising. Cars that would have originally been sold for $16,000 are now being sold at about $19,000, due to the high-demand. This is making people take a step back and think, Do I really need a new car?

Finding a good vehicle for a good price is a challenge right now for many car shoppers. But if the car is getting a better gas mileage than your old car, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Written by Tom Blackman