The Ugly Truth About Aftermarket Parts

Are you thinking about using aftermarket parts on your Toyota? Before you spend any of your hard-earned money on aftermarket parts, read this post.

Aftermarket parts can cost you more money. At face value, it looks like you’re saving money with aftermarket car parts. They’re usually cheaper than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. However, when you look at other cost factors, the OEM part may actually be cheaper in the long run. That’s because the OEM part may last longer than the aftermarket part. It probably also comes with a warranty that you can trust. Finally, it was engineered by the automaker. You can rest assured the part will fit your vehicle.

The quality of aftermarket parts is sketchy. With aftermarket parts, you really don’t know what you’re going to get. The part could work just fine. It also could cause headaches down the road. In many cases, you’re sacrificing quality for a lower price. In the end, it might cost you more money because you’re going to have to replace the inferior aftermarket part sooner than the OEM part.

Aftermarket parts can have crappy warranties. With aftermarket parts, you might not get a warranty. That means you’re going to have to fork over more money if the part breaks shortly after installation. It’s not worth the risk to purchase a part without a warranty. It’s better to buy Toyota parts that come with a warranty.

It can be time-consuming to find a quality aftermarket part. Let’s face it. In most cases when something breaks on your car, you’re looking for a quick fix. You need your car back on the road ASAP. Do you really want to spend your valuable time comparing the quality of aftermarket car parts? If you just go with the OEM parts, you’re saving time because you can expect quality backed with a warranty.

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