How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off On OEM Toyota Parts

toyota partsOne of the best ways to save money on genuine Toyota parts is by purchasing them via an online seller. It’s a great way to locate those hard-to-find OEM parts at great prices. 

When purchasing parts online, you have to be careful. While many Toyota parts sellers are honest, there are always a few that may be looking to rip you off. Here are some tips to help you find a reliable Toyota parts seller online.

1. Look For A Phone Number – A reliable parts seller will have a phone number and other contact information on their website. If you have a question, it’s a great way to actually talk to a real live person. Avoid parts sellers that don’t have any contact information. It’s not worth the risk.

2. Shop With A U.S. Based Seller – When purchasing from a U.S.-based seller, you are safeguarded by both state and federal consumer protection laws. When you buy from an overseas retailer, you are not protected by these laws. Your chances of getting ripped off significantly increase.

3. Check For Shipping Information And Return Policies On Website – A good Toyota parts online dealer will include important shipping and return policy information on their website. It’s a great way to know that there are protocols in place if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

4. Shop With A Secure Website – Buy from a website that uses encryption technology to protect valuable personal information and credit card numbers. To see if the site is secure, look for an “s” after the “HTTP” in a website address when you’re making an online purchase.

5. Read Reviews About Seller – Try to see if there are any online reviews about the parts seller. Check to see what other people are saying. If the parts seller has a lot of bad reviews, you might want to take your business elsewhere.

Following these five tips will protect you when purchasing genuine Toyota parts online. When shopping for Toyota parts, visit Toyota Parts Center. We are a reliable online seller of Camry parts, Prius parts, and more!