How Buying Toyota OEM Parts Saves You From Getting Ripped Off

When it comes to your Toyota, the best thing you can do is use genuine Toyota parts. Sure you can save money and go with the generic, off-brand parts, but you’re getting ripped off.

Here’s why.

Take a second to think about why you purchased your Toyota. One of the reasons many people go with Toyota is because of the company’s reputation for building reliable automobiles. Toyota regularly gets high-reliability rankings by Consumer Reports and J.D. Power & Associates. 

Do you think Consumer Reports and J.D. Power & Associates are test driving Toyotas with generic parts on them? No… they’re driving the vehicle as it was engineered by Toyota. If you want to get the same quality performance and reliability, you need to go with OEM parts.

If you still don’t believe us, take a look at this study we did on OEM Toyota oil filters. The study examined numerous oil filters. Some even cost more than the OEM filters. What it found was that OEM filters:

  1. Had more filter surface area
  2. Used better filter materials
  3. Were reasonably priced

With genuine Toyota parts, you just get better quality. Off-brand parts for Toyotas have been known to not fit properly and not last as long.

Yes, you tend to spend more on OEM parts, but there’s a reason. With cheap aftermarket parts, the manufacturer is looking for ways to cut prices so that the part costs less than the OEM part.  This usually means they use cheaper materials that don’t last as long.

If these parts don’t last as long, you’ll be back at the repair shop with your Tundra or Camry before you know it. You should have just used genuine Camry or Tundra parts.

Take it from a parts specialist like us; it’s better to go with the OEM parts. At Toyota Parts Center, we have some of the lowest prices on genuine Toyota parts.