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When We Will Actually See Self-Driving Cars? - Toyota Parts Blog

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s true. States across the country are passing laws that make it legal for self-driving cars.

California is the latest state to pass the self-driving car law. Nevada and Florida already have laws on the books. So with states passing laws for self-driving cars, is it possible we’ll start seeing them at car dealerships?

Not in the near future. The most recent self-driving car law in California was spurred on by Google. The search engine giant has a fleet of self-driving Toyota Prius cars that it wants to test.

According to Time magazine, there are numerous tests that must be performed before this type of technology is rolled out to the public.

The passage of this law in California is already causing concerns from motorist groups and privacy advocates. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers told MSN Autos there are liability issues that come with self-driving cars. Other groups worry that companies like Google will use the data they collect for profit.

Either way, it will be some time before you can visit your local car dealership for a self-driving car. There are tons of tests that must be done. These laws signify the first step toward self-driving cars.

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Written by Tom Blackman