The Funniest Toyota Commercials of All Time - Toyota Parts Blog

We may be a little bias because we sell Toyota parts, but we think that Toyota has some of the best and funniest television commercials. Here are our four favorite commercials.

The Perfect Marriage 

This is a great commercial where the husband and wife battle each other to drive their RAV4. It’s got some great moments. Bowling balls, flames, trip wires and explosions all set to the tune of “Happy Together” by the Turtles.

The Reinvented Camry|YouTube_Toyota_Brand|toyota

This commercial for the 2012 Camry has already gotten millions and millions of hits on YouTube. It’s a funny take on the reinvented Camry. You’ve got to like the reinvented couch, the reinvented police officer, the reinvented DMV and of course the reinvented Camry.

Human Touch – Japan

This Toyota commercial comes straight from Japan. It’s a little strange and somewhat funny. The commercial shows people acting as different features and accessories within a Toyota such as the seatbelts, cup holder and airbags. It’s very interesting and definitely worth seeing. It gives you the taste for what people on the other side of the world think is funny.

Midlife Crisis

Here’s a funny one promoting the 2007 Camry. The wife thinks her husband is having a midlife crisis because he bought a red Camry. It’s funny to see the wife go ballistic on her husband.

Which is your favorite commercial? Leave your comments below!


Written by Tom Blackman