Cool 2012 Toyota Concept Vehicles

We’ve seen some cool Toyota concept vehicles from Toyota this year.

At both the North American International Auto Show and the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota unveiled concept cars that we might see on the road someday. Both concept cars looked great!

Here is a little more info on Toyota’s latest concept cars. 

Toyota NS4

This four-door sedan was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The NS4 has a sleek profile and includes pre-collision radar. The headlights also self-adjust to avoid glare. A solar panel covers the roof to recharge the battery.

According to the Toyota press release, the car contains futuristic styling with a new take on aerodynamics. 

Toyota FT-Bh

 This is a hybrid car that was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. This five-door hatchback resembles the Prius. However, it has some very modern lines to it. This car is fueled by compressed natural gas.

According to reports, the FT-Bh could achieve an average of 134.5 miles per gallon. The concept car weighs just 1,733 pounds.

Which 2012 Toyota concept car do you like better?