The Truth about Nitrogen Tires - Toyota Parts Blog

Filling your car’s tires with nitrogen is all the rage right now.

Many high-end vehicles have nitrogen in them.  But is it better than air?  Will all cars eventually make the switch to nitrogen?

We’ll try to answer these questions in this post.

Popular Mechanics had a great article comparing air versus nitrogen in tires.  Here are a few conclusions that they found.

  • Nitrogen Benefit: Nitrogen is less likely to leak through the tire than air.
  • Nitrogen Benefit: Air contains water vapor, which could affect tire pressure during temperature changes.  Nitrogen does not contain any water vapor.
  • Nitrogen Con: Putting nitrogen in your tires is time consuming.  You have to go to a mechanic or dealership.
  • Nitrogen Con: Nitrogen costs a lot more than air.  It can cost as much as $30 per tire, according to Popular Mechanics.

When it comes down to it.  You won’t notice much performance differences when filling your tires with nitrogen.  However, you’ll consistently maintain pressure better with nitrogen tires.

So it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the investment.

This is a good topic to bring up with your mechanic during your next oil change or when they’re installing Toyota OEM parts in your vehicle.


Written by Tom Blackman