Easy Ways To Protect Your Toyota From Thieves

Did you know that many cars are stolen for their parts?

Often times, the most popular stolen cars are older vehicles. That’s because it’s hard to find parts for older vehicles. In 2010, the 1991 Toyota Camry was one of the top three most stolen vehicles, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau

Most likely, the thieves were after the Toyota Camry parts. They’re especially valuable if they’re Toyota OEM parts.

If you want to protect your Toyota, follow these tips.

  • Lock Your Doors – Criminals are looking for an easy target. Be sure to lock your car doors and arm your car alarm if your vehicle has one.
  • Park Inside Your Garage – Leaving your car on the street or in the driveway is a bad idea. Keep it parked and locked inside the garage. Also, don’t leave your keys inside your vehicle.
  • Park In Safe Parking Lots – You want to park your car in well-lighted parking lots that are regularly monitored by security or cameras.
  • Get Extra Security Features – Get a car alarm or a wheel lock for your vehicle. An extra safety measure can go a long way in stopping someone from stealing your vehicle.

Remember, just because you have an old car doesn’t exempt you from being a target of car thieves. Many older cars are popular targets because of their parts and their security vulnerabilities.

Last, but most importantly, if you have an older car, remember to lock your door.