How To Protect Your Toyota In Long-Term Storage

Do you have to put your Toyota in long-term storage? If so, you’ll want to follow the tips outlined in this post.  Your Toyota will be ready to roll when you take it out of storage.

Step #1: Perform Routine Maintenance – Make sure to get the oil changed and replace any broken parts.  Try to use Toyota OEM parts. These perform the best.  Also, check other fluids such as the coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. 

Step #2: Fill Up the Gas Tank – Filling the gas tank in your Toyota helps to prevent condensation from forming in your gas tank.

Step #3: Wash and Polish – Thoroughly wash your car inside and out.  For extra protection, put a few mothballs in the interior and the trunk to protect against bugs and small critters.

Step #4: Plug the Tailpipe – This helps to prevent moisture from accumulating in your exhaust system.

Step #5: Remove the Battery – You’ll want to disconnect the battery and keep it hooked up to a charger.

Step #6: Raise the Vehicle – Place the vehicle on jack stands.  This helps take the weight off the wheels and tires.

Step #7: Cover the Vehicle – Finally, you’ll want to place a cover on the vehicle to protect it from dust and dirt.

When you take your vehicle out of storage, be sure to test-drive it to see how it runs.  If you need to replace any parts, be sure to use quality parts.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Corolla parts or Toyota Camry parts … you want to find good parts.