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When to Avoid Buying a Used Car - Toyota Parts Blog

Because of the slow economy, more and more people are buying used cars instead of new cars.

In many cases, buying used is a great way to save money while still finding a reliable vehicle.  However, there are times when you should avoid buying a used car.

You’ll want to avoid buying a used car in the situations outlined below.

  • Avoid Buying Fleet Vehicles – Buying old rental cars and other fleet vehicles is usually not a good idea.  These vehicles have high mileage and have been driven hard.  In many cases, these vehicles are just about ready for the junk yard.


  • Vehicles Out of Production – Try to stay away from these vehicles unless the carmaker has a good history of still manufacturing parts for it.


  • Cars with Modifications – If someone has transformed a family sedan into a street racer, stay away from it.  Who knows what modifications have been made to the engine.  Stick with the used cars that still have all their stock parts.


  • Cars That have been in Accidents – It’s better to stay away from cars that have been in accidents.  You never know if they have a bent frame or if something else is messed up on them.  It’s not worth the risk.


  • “Low Mileage” Vehicles – Be weary of “low mileage” vehicles.  It’s possible the odometer may have been set backwards.


Following these tips will help you find a great used car.  No mater what car you buy, be sure to use genuine parts whether they’re Toyota Tacoma parts or Toyota Sienna parts.


Written by Tom Blackman