Toyota Gets High Marks For Not Needing Service

Toyota LogoToyota recently got high grades from CarMD for having the fewest and the least expensive repairs among all automakers.

According to CBS Money Watch, the 2009 Toyota Corolla had the least frequent trips to the repair shop.   The average repair cost for the Corolla was just $45.84.  Here is how Toyota compared to the rest of the automakers.

CarMD Reliability Rankings

  1. Toyota
  2. Hyundai
  3. Honda
  4. Ford
  5. General Motors
  6. Mitsubishi
  7. Nissan
  8. Kia
  9. Volkswagen
  10. Chrysler

These rankings covered vehicles from 2001 to 2011.  Money Watch said that CarMD pulled its data from its network of 3,000 dealers as well as car owner surveys.  CarMD makes automobile diagnostic systems. To save additional money next time you’re at the repair shop, read these posts:

Always remember to use genuine Toyota parts in your Toyota whether it’s Corolla parts or even Toyota Sienna parts.  You’ll spend even less time visiting the mechanic.