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Toyotas You Just Don’t See In The USA - Toyota Parts Blog

In the good old USA, we’re used to seeing the Toyota Camry, the Corolla, Prius and Tundra on our roadways.

But in other parts of the world, there are other popular Toyota models.  Here are just a few.

Toyota iQ

The Toyota iQThis small compact car is great for city driving.  Toyota started selling the iQ in Japan in 2008 and Europe in 2009.  The iQ stands for “intelligence quotient.”

Toyota Urban Cruiser

The Toyota Urban CruiserThis is a vehicle that is similar to the Toyota Matrix in the United States.  It competes against small crossover vehicles in Europe and Asia.

Toyota Hilux

The Toyota HiluxThe Toyota Hilux truck name was retired in the United States in the 1970s, but the model still enjoys a following in the rest of the world.  The Hilux is a popular compact pickup truck in Asia as well as Europe and South America.

Toyota Aurion The Toyota AurionThe Aurion is a mid-sized car that is essentially a Toyota Camry except with different front and rear-end treatments.  You can purchase this car in Asia as well as Australia.

Whether you own a Toyota in the USA or overseas, make sure you use Toyota OEM parts. These parts were designed by Toyota and are great for your


Written by Tom Blackman