The Top Ways To De-Ice Your Car

Car SnowIn a lot of parts of this country, it’s starting to get a little frosty and frigid.

When the temperature begins to drop, it’s time to dust off that ice scrapper.  Let’s face it … we all dislike scraping ice off of our vehicle’s windows.  Worse yet, we hate when our car or truck’s door is frozen shut!

To help you get through this winter, here are the best ways to de-ice your vehicle.

Clearing Windows Of Ice

When it comes to clearing your car or truck’s windows, you’ll want to follow these tips:

1. Find a Good Ice Scraper – Purchase a quality ice scraper made out of solid plastic.  Cheaper made ice scrappers can easily crack.

2. Run Car And Use Defrosters – Let your car run for a few minutes and use the defrosters, this will help to loosen the ice.

3. Be Thorough – For safety purposes, scrape all of the ice and snow off of your windshield.  You’ll also want to remove any piles of snow from the roof and other areas of your vehicle.  This will help improve driving visibility.

Besides following these tips, you’ll want to have plenty of windshield washer fluid as well as some type of water beading spray such as Rain-X.  Also, make sure that you have a good set of wipers on your vehicle.

De-Icing Doors

If you can’t open your car’s doors, you’ll want to follow these de-icing tips in this helpful video.