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2012 Toyota Tacoma is, you guessed it, "Refreshed" - Toyota Parts Blog

It seems that with every new vehicle unveiled at Toyota, another layer is added to the cumulative feel of the brand. Nearly every vehicle slated for a 2012 sales year has been redesigned to appeal to those looking for a more “fun to ride” vehicle that has a ferocious presence on the road. This trend was continued in the recently announced Toyota Tacoma. While not very many changes happened under the hood this year, several aspects of the vehicle’s exterior and interior were reworked. The result is a vehicle that, according to the press release, “offers a restyled exterior look and a redesigned, upgraded interior in all models for 2012. New changes add comfort, usability and audio/infotainment performance.

The face of the vehicle has been significantly changed, to reflect the more angular look Toyota has been working on of late. This involved “a redesigned hood, grille, headlamps and front bumper, among other changes.” It’s really no surprise here that it is in fact more aggressive. Based on the recent drive for attitude in Toyota’s aesthetic division when designing vehicles for the 2012 model year, it can safely be assumed that Akio Toyoda (CEO) has a new image for Toyota in mind. Ever since the LFA shook the company at it’s foundation, it seems like more and more consumer models are aimed towards that look and feel. The 2012 Toyota Tacoma still has it’s rounded corners that make the iconic truck what it is, but the lines and contour of the front end is much more defined.

The interior was also significantly reworked, to involve the latest and greatest in comfort. “Access Cab models offer a new available six-speaker system with an AM/FM/ Satellite Radio-capable head unit with a single-disc CD player. Built-in Bluetooth® allows hands-free phone, and a USB port enables connection of an iPod®, MP3 player or flash drive with music files.” The DoubleCab V6 model includes Toyota’s EnTune multimedia suite, allowing drivers to access their personal entertainment media in a quick distraction-free way.

Toyota has also expanded the optional configurations of the 2012 Toyota Tacoma, to involve different combinations of Toyota Parts and Toyota Accessories. The X-Runner, X|T, and X|T Pro models all are different versions of the same great vehicle, tailored to appeal to different audiences.

As always, the official press release can be found in full HERE.


Written by Tom Blackman