Great Interior Accessories And Items For Your Toyota - Toyota Parts Blog

First Aid KitDoes your Toyota need an upgrade?

If you’re looking for ways to enhance the look and feel of the inside of your Toyota, consider some of the interior accessories and items below.

  • Floor Mats: If you want to protect the interior of your Toyota, you’re going to need a great set of floor mats.  From any Toyota parts dealer, you can purchase factory floor mats that will match the interior of your vehicle.
  • AC Power Converter: If you’re looking to plug things into your car, consider purchasing a power converter.  This is a quick and easy way to plug in standard electronic equipment right into your vehicle.
  • Rear Seat Covers: If you have a dog, consider purchasing rear seat covers to protect your seats from dirt and rips in your interior fabric.  This is a must if you own a dog that travels a lot in your car.
  • First Aid Kit: Whether you keep it under the seat or in your trunk, your car needs a first aid kit.  It’s important to keep a small first aid kit around for emergencies.
  • GPS Navigation Unit: If your car didn’t come with GPS navigation, you may want to consider purchasing a portable unit.  They come in handy when you’re traveling on vacation or on business trips.

All of these accessories are great options for your vehicle.  What types of interior accessories do you have in your vehicle?

Written by Tom Blackman