10 Drift-Happy Camrys

The Toyota Camry plays nice, most of the time. It’s an efficient, comfortable, and stylish sedan that’s popular with all kinds of drivers. If you’re a drifting kind of driver, you might not think the Camry is for you. But you’re wrong! We've got a surprise for you here (and a couple of others here, too). Take a look at these 10 drift-happy Camrys to make your day.

Drifting camry 10

This Camry is practicing its drift moves while finding a parking space.

Drifting camry 2

When it snows, the Camrys come out to play.

Drifting camry 3

There’s no reason you can’t drift your Camry in the pros.

Drifting camry 4

Drifting can be a great way to blow off steam.

Drifting camry 5

Who wants to stay at home on a snow day? Not this Camry.

Drifting camry 6

We’d like some explanation about this off-track drifting Nascar Camry.

Drifting camry 7

The snow seems to be the Camry’s second home.

Drifting camry 8

This Camry hybrid was doing it up for the commercials.

Drifting camry 9

Once again, the Nascar laden Camry shows up, fresh off a victory drift.

Drifting camry 1

This Camry found some mud and took full advantage of the opportunity to play.

The Camry is a vehicle built to last. If you’re drifting it, make sure to give it a little extra care. 

Written by Jason Lancaster