Where Do All The 4Runners Live?

Ever wonder where you can find the most of a particular kind of vehicle? We got to thinking about one of our favorites - the Toyota 4Runner - and did a little digging to see where in the United States most 4Runner drivers live.

The first map highlights 10 states with the highest total number of drivers. Probably not a surprise to see so many highly-populated states on the list (like California and Texas), but what about Colorado and Washington? Perhaps those mountain drivers see the benefit in this four-wheel drive Toyota SUV that drives a lot like a truck (especially with TRD wheels).

However, that doesn't explain Hawaii and Washington, DC showing up on the top 10 in the per capita map. This list highlights the highest concentration of 4Runners per 100,000 people. Perhaps it's the familiar look of the 4Runner (many say it's the only SUV that looks similar to those from 10 years ago) or the ample cargo space (the 2019 has 46 cubic feet of space with the second row in upright) that offers so much extra room for gear. Maybe it's the wide selection of readily-available OE parts and accessories, such as running boards and floor mats.

What do you think? Any theories on why the 4Runner is popular in certain parts of the US over others? Tell us on Facebook!

Written by Jason Lancaster