Why You Should Upgrade Your 4Runner's Wheels To TRD Alloys

Attention, avid off-roaders! Did you know that Toyota has a line of OEM 4Runner parts designed specifically for off-roading? They are part of the TRD Pro Series. There are all kinds of performance-oriented parts like brake pads, cat-back exhaust systems, and alloy wheels.

TRD wheels tires

Replacing your wheels with TRD alloys significantly boosts your 4Runner’s capabilities. TRD alloy wheels:

1. Reduce Unsprung Weight

Unsprung weight is the weight that’s not supported by your springs. All that weight is located underneath the springs (making the wheels a big part of it). Because TRD alloy wheels are lighter than steel stock wheels, they reduce your unsprung weight.

When your 4Runner’s unsprung weight is reduced, you’ll feel a noticeable difference in its handling. There’s less load on your springs and shocks. So they’re able to better control your wheels’ movement as your 4Runner rides over uneven roads and turns corners. It’ll also be easier to accelerate and brake with TRD alloy wheels on your 4Runner, as they’re lighter and less energy is required to move the wheels.

2. Dissipate Heat Better

Pretty much everybody drives in stop and go traffic these days. Stop and go driving causes the brakes to heat up as they are repeatedly used. It’s not uncommon for brakes to overheat in extreme conditions.

That’s why it’s important to keep your brake components cool. Toyota TRD alloy wheels do a great job at that. Aluminum alloy wheels absorb heat and dissipate it much better than steel wheels do. As a result, your brakes stay cooler longer and your braking performance remains optimal.

3. Offset the Weight Gain from Bigger Tires

Many 4Runner owners move to bigger than stock tires for better off road capability and better looks. But bigger tires almost always weigh more than the smaller tires they replaced. Extra rotating weight takes more gas to get moving, and is harder to stop. Alloy wheels help reduce the weight gain that comes from bigger tires.

Finding Genuine TRD Alloy Wheels For Your 4Runner

TRD wheels

There are knock-off TRD alloy wheels available all over the internet. But you should be OK as long as you purchase from a reputable OEM Toyota parts seller like us. We carry genuine TRD alloy wheels in all kinds of colors and styles, including:

Do a search here to see all the TRD alloy wheel styles available for your 4Runner.

Written by Jason Lancaster