Toyota Window Replacement Guide

A broken car door window from vandalism, theft or accidental strikes can be an unwelcome surprise. You’ll want to get this fixed right away to keep your vehicle dry and secure. Repairing it yourself may be cheaper than filing an insurance claim, depending on your deductible. If you have some basic repair skills, you could be better off doing it yourself, and it may even be faster than trying to get an appointment scheduled at a glass or body shop. You’ll need a few basic tools and a few hours of time. Toyota Parts Center offers same-day shipping on door window glass for many Toyota vehicles.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Screwdrivers
  • Trim tool kit
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Mechanics gloves

Replacing The Window Glass

OEM toyota window glass

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Before beginning the replacement, you'll want to use a shop vacuum to remove broken glass pieces from inside the car. Car windows are made of safety glass that breaks into tiny pieces by design. Chances are, glass has found its way into the farthest reaches of your interior, so vacuum thoroughly.

Remove The Inside Door Trim Panel

We recommended that you find instructions online for your specific Toyota model. These instructions are for the Toyota Highlander, but keep in mind that door trim panels can be affixed with many types of fasteners, some of them concealed. It’s essential to know the location of all screws or clips for your model before attempting removal.

You may need to disassemble other parts first to allow removal of the trim panel, including:

  • Side mirror trim cover
  • Door handle and linkage
  • Door lock switch
  • Window switches

Note: it may take considerable effort to pull the door trim panel loose and disengage the retaining clips. If needed, use a plastic trim tool to assist with removal. Despite our precautions, once you know how to remove the trim panel, it usually takes about 10 minutes.

Remove The Plastic Vapor Barrier

A thin plastic vapor barrier is usually affixed to the door, behind the trim panel. This prevents moisture from entering the vehicle. The vapor barrier is attached with strong tape or adhesive and must be removed to access the window attachment.

Start at one corner and gently peel back the vapor barrier, trying to avoid tears. Use a flat plastic trim tool to assist with the removal.

Remove The Old Window Glass

Remove the door speaker as needed and reconnect the window switch and adjust the position of the window regulator to access the window glass attachment bolts.

Remove the bolts from the window glass sash clips. Clean any remaining broken glass from the window regulator and the window channels. Lastly, vacuum any broken glass from inside the door. It's tempting to just leave it in there, but it may hold water in the door, eventually causing rust.

Install The New Window Glass

In most cases, the new window glass will include preinstalled sash clips. Some glass may require the transfer of the sash clips. Verify what is required for your specific vehicle.

Carefully tilt and guide the new glass into the door window channels. Slide the glass down until it is engaged with the window regulator. Reinstall the bolts to the sash clips, and do not over tighten.

On some vehicles, you may have to remove the rear vertical guide channel to install the new glass. One fastener is usually hidden under a trim seal at the top of the door just over the channel. The other fastener is visible once you remove the interior door trim panel.

Test the operation of the window regulator to verify proper window glass alignment before reassembly.

Reinstall The Door Trim Panel

Reinstall the door components in the reverse order. Use care when reinstalling the vapor barrier. Make sure the barrier aligns with the holes for the door hardware and is tightly sealed.

Before reinstalling, verify all retaining clips are in place on the back of the door trim panel. Secure the trim panel to the door with all the original fasteners and covers.

Important Tips

  • Always wear gloves when handling glass.
  • Be cautious of sharp metal edges when working inside the door.
  • Take pictures as you work to remember how parts are installed.
  • Keep parts and fasteners organized to ensure they go back in the right place.
  • Now may be a good time to check and replace your weatherstrips.

You Can Count On Olathe Toyota Parts Center

Toyota window glass

When replacing something as important as your window glass, you won't want to cut corners. Be sure to use only OEM parts so fit, function and visibility are never compromised. At Olathe Toyota you'll find:

  • We have a large selection of door window glass and other parts for your Toyota vehicle. 
  • All our OEM parts are backed by the standard Toyota 12-month, unlimited miles warranty.

Do you have questions? We’re here to help. Please feel free to contact us!