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How to Replace a Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Cable Assembly

Do you have a Sienna side door that gets stuck often? Chances are it’s because the cable assembly is damaged. The Sienna side door cable is prone to fraying, snapping, and more.

Have you determined that your cable assembly is damaged and it’s the reason your side door isn’t opening or closing? You can replace the cable assembly yourself even if you have limited mechanical skills. Here’s how.

Sienna slide door

What You’ll Need

Before starting your Toyota Sienna side door repair job, be sure to have the following tools on hand:

  • Plastic pry bar set
  • Impact driver with an extension and hex bits
  • Ratchet set

Also, don’t forget to grab an OEM replacement side door cable assembly first. Here’s an important tip: while shopping for a side door cable assembly, pay attention to whether you’re buying a cable assembly for the left or right door. We offer wholesale pricing for genuine OEM Toyota parts, including side door cables. Look up your Sienna model here to find out if we carry the side door cable assembly you need.

Replacing Your Sienna Slide Door Cable Assembly

Slide door repair

Image Credit: Rico L.

Note: This step-by-step guide is based on 2011 and newer Sienna models. You can still try to follow the steps if you have an older Sienna model, but they may not be accurate.

Without further ado, here’s how you can replace the side door cable assembly in your Sienna:

  1. Take out the seat closest to the defective sliding door. (Optional; this just gives you more room to work on the door.)
  2. Roll down the window on the defective door.
  3. On the side of the door is a hex screw holding the plastic panel in place. Remove the screw.
  4. Slide the lock back into the door, in the unlock position. (This prevents the lock from coming out when you remove the plastic panel.)
  5. Gently pry off the plastic panel. There are little white plastic retaining clips holding the panel in place. Try to pop them out as carefully as possible.
  6. Close the door (with you inside the van) and then pull off the entire plastic panel. Before you can completely remove the panel, reach down behind it to disconnect the connector for the power window.
  7. Go outside and then face the door with the window down. You’ll see a window moulding. Pry off the clip holding it in place and then pull out the window moulding. You might have to wiggle it back and forth to get it out.
  8. Go to the rear quarter window. There’s a plastic cover covering the side door cable below the window. Pry it off.
  9. Remove the nut holding the cable in the bracket and then slide the cable assembly out of the bracket.
  10. Inside the door, there are three bolts holding the cable assembly in place (where the cable makes a right angle turn). Remove all three bolts.
  11. Under the arm that connects the door to the van body are two more bolts. Remove them both. Because there's limited space underneath the arm, it can be pretty tricky to remove these bolts. Your best bet is to use a 10mm ratchet and an impact driver or an extension arm.
  12. There’s a pulley system with a Sienna side door release actuator in the bottom corner of the door. (If you’re working on the right door, the pulley system is in the bottom right corner; on the left door, the pulley system is on the bottom left corner.) Remove all of the screws holding it in place.
  13. Slide out the side door cable assembly.
  14. Install the new side door cable assembly in the reverse order of removal.

Got any questions about the replacement process (or finding the right side door cable assembly for your Sienna)? Feel free to contact us!

Written by Jason Lancaster