Toyota Radiator Hose Buyer's Guide

Radiator hoses are critical cooling system parts and also wear out faster than other parts of a vehicle’s cooling system. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to understanding radiator hoses including:

  • What radiator hoses are and why their job is so important.
  • How to identify when a radiator hose is failing.
  • How to replace a radiator hose.
  • Understanding the difference between OEM vs. aftermarket radiator hoses.

What Is A Radiator Hose And What Does It Do?

Toyots radiator hose

Radiator hoses are responsible for carrying coolant between the engine and the radiator. They are important because they must keep coolant flowing between the radiator and the engine to prevent the engine from overheating. These hoses are also subjected to extreme temperature and pressure changes. Learn more detailed information about the importance of radiator hoses here.

How Do I Know When A Radiator Hose Is Bad?

Radiator hoses are critical to keeping coolant flowing between the radiator and the engine. Here are some signs that you may have a bad radiator hose.

  • Engine is overheating
  • Coolant is low
  • Radiator hose is collapsing
  • Radiator hose is soft and will easily collapse when you squeeze it
  • Radiator hose is swollen
  • Radiator hose is cracked

Learn more detailed information about how to tell when a radiator hose is bad here.

How To Replace A Radiator Hose

Fortunately, radiator hoses are also the easiest cooling system parts to replace. Replacing radiator hoses yourself doesn’t require costly tools and supplies. In fact, you may already own most of the basic tools needed. You can save yourself a lot of money on expensive repair shop labor. We have created thorough instructions on how to replace your radiator hoses here.

Are OEM Radiator Hoses Better Than Aftermarket Radiator Hoses?

Materials, fit, and design are all factors in the longevity of radiator hoses. If aftermarket hoses come up short in one or all of these criteria, it can significantly impact how long they will last. Buying OEM hoses ensures the best materials, exact fit, and strict engineering standards for maximum service life and reliability. Learn more about the differences between OEM and aftermarket hoses here.

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