Toyota Highlander Hacks

Owning a Toyota Highlander is a good move — they’re spacious, reliable, and extremely versatile. During the course of ownership, you might have a need for more room, or have to fix a few things here and there — that’s where using little DIY tricks can come in handy. Here are some of our favorite and most useful Toyota Highlander hacks.

Fixing Scratches With Nail Polish

Nail polish scratch hack

This is a great little hack for fixing small scratches in the paint of your Highlander. Use a small amount of nail polish to hide these blemishes and protect the metal underneath from rust. Just be sure to carefully match, or use clear nail polish just for protection. An alternative to this quick fix is paint protection film, learn more about part number PT907-47100.

Create a Trash Bag Holder With Command Hooks

Garbage bag hook hack

There’s nothing more off-putting than a vehicle full of garbage — not to mention trash can seriously damage your interior. An easy solution is mounting a command hook to hold garbage bags to collect trash in until you get home and can throw it away. This will prevent trash from piling up, and keep stains off your seats and floor. To make your interior even more organized, check out cargo organizer part number PT924-47100.

Grab Some Shut Eye With An Inflatable Bed

Inflatable bed hack

Use an inflatable bed draped over your backseat or cargo area for an instant napping area. This could come in handy on road trips, or even turn your Toyota into a mini-camper for those who prefer not to sleep on the ground! Stow it away with backseat storage part number PT218-12020 when not in use.

Clean Up Headlights With Toothpaste

Headlights hack

This trick is an inexpensive and easy way to restore headlights. Apply toothpaste to the cover and gently rub away the hazing. Make sure your bulbs are shining as bright as they should to optimize the restoration, for 2013 headlight bulbs use part number 9098113046.

Create Storage Space Instantly

Mesh bungee hack

For instant storage of coats, blankets, supplies, and more, use a mesh bungee hammock for storage. You can also accomplish the same with a cargo net made for your Toyota, such as part number PT347-60080.

Cheaply Mount Your Phone

Phone mount hack

For the cheapest possible way to mount your phone, use a rubber band to mount your phone to the air vents. This trick will also work for your iPod, just don’t forget to grab the interface kit so you can easily use it with your radio — find it under part number PT545-00082.

Cupcake Holders Can Help Prevent Spills

Silicone cups hack

Use silicone cupcake holders to line cup holders and prevent slipping drinks, keeping the bottom of your cup holders from getting built up with gunk. For even more cupholder utility, use the astray cup to keep ash and odors to a minimum, see part number 74101-AE010.

Use A Coffee Cup To Hold Tissues

Tissue holder hack

Instead of carrying around a bulky box of tissues, clean out a used coffee cup to use as a dispenser. Use cargo tote PT-427-00120 to store extra boxes of tissues in the back for the cold season.

Use A Plunger To Pull Out Dents

Toilet plunger hack

This works a lot like special tools sold at auto parts stores to pull out dents, but if you already have a plunger at home, it’s an easy and free way to pull dents. To prevent a variety of side dents, use body side moldings, like PT938-02140-06.

Use Your Visor To Hold Wipes

Visor wipes hack

Use visor straps to keep baby wipes on hand. Keep them close by to clean up messes, spills, and wipe your hands — invaluable for parents, or clumsy adults. Store a few backup packs in your under-seat cargo organizer, part number PT871-34070.

Lunch From Your Shower Caddy

Shower caddy hack

Use a shower caddy to hold a burger, fries, and drink in place as you chow down — or use it to carry food inside so you can have a free hand to unlock the door. Pro tip: you’re going to be eating in your car, make sure your floor mats are snuggly in place by using clip number 08211-00720.

Enjoy these hacks and parts to make your life easier!