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When you want to customize, personalize, or upgrade your Highlander, the easiest and quickest way to do so is by accessorizing. Even when it comes to accessories, you should only use OEM parts to ensure perfect fit, function, and quality. Find the best in accessories for your Toyota Highlander here.

All-Weather Floor Mats

All-weather floor mats can protect your Highlander from all sorts of dirt and damage. The flexible weather-resistant material is both durable and easy to clean. Get mats for your front, rear, and 3rd-row seats. Mats have an embossed Highlander logo and come in black – check out part number PT908-48140-20.

Toyota Highlander all weather floor mats PT908-48140-20

Body Side Moldings

If your Highlander is missing the side moldings, it is at risk for damage to the sides. The side moldings also give the Highlander a more polished look, so invest in a set if yours are missing or damaged. They are color-matched and sold as a set of 4 body side moldings to help protect your doors from scratches, dents, and chipping. Get a set now for your Toyota Highlander.

Toyota Highlander body side moldings PT29A-48080-03

Color Part Number
Salsa Pearl PT29A-48080-03
Sandy Beach Metallic PT29A-48080-04
Cypress Pearl PT29A-48080-06
Waveline Pearl PT29A-48080-08
Iced Amethyst PT29A-48080-09

Cargo Tote

Chances are, when you bought your Highlander, you had the intention of carrying around some items. Be it kids' toys, snacks, tools, gym clothes, or bigger stuff, you have the space for it, so you expect to be able to carry items with ease. However, sometimes your cargo can turn into a pain — that’s where cargo totes come in handy with your need to secure and organize your cargo. This black cargo tote keeps items from tipping or rolling in the cargo area. It has dividers and folds down when not needed. For more information, check out part PT427-00120.

Toyota Highlander cargo tote PT427-00120

Cargo Liner

The cargo area of your Highlander is intended to hold some things that could cause the area to become dirty, or damaged. An excellent solution is using cargo liners — cargo liners provide complete protection for the cargo area and seat backs. It splits and folds to adjust to many different configurations.

Toyota Highlander cargo liner PT924-48140-20

Color Part Number
Black PT924-48140-20
Gray PT924-48140-10
Flaxen PT924-48140-50

Cross Bar

Crossbars help to secure tie-down points for all kinds of rack accessories. These awesome crossbars can support up to 100lbs for quite a bit of added security. They come in a set of two and are fully adjustable. For more information on these crossbars, check out part number PT61-148070.

Toyota Highlander cross bars PT61-148070

Door Edge Guards

Highlander door edge guards protect the door edges from chips and dings. They are made from roll-formed stainless steel and encapsulated in the thermoplastic coating, and painted to match the factory color. These will save your paint and resist cracking, fading, peeling, and help maintain resale value.

Toyota Highlander door edge guard1 PT936-48110-03

Toyota Highlander door edge guard2 PT936-48110-03

Color Part Number
Cypress Pearl PT936-48110-20
Classic Silver Metallic PT936-48110-01
Black PT936-48110-02
Sandy Beach Metallic PT936-48110-04
Magnetic Gray Metallic PT936-48110-11
Nautical Blue Metallic PT936-48110-08
Classic Silver Metallic PT936-48110-01
Sizzling Crimson Mica PT936-48110-03

Emergency Assistance Kit

Minor problems can, and likely will, come up during the ownership of your Highlander — don’t let them stop your travels! This emergency assistance kit gives you the tools you need to take care of small issues on the road. It includes jumper cables, a hose clamp, tape, gloves, blankets, a flashlight, a water bag, and more. This kit comes with a retention strap to prevent rattling while driving. Learn more about it by checking out part number PT420-00130.

Toyota Highlander emergency assistance kit PT420-00130

First Aid Kit

You never know when you’ll need a first aid kit, so it’s best to go ahead and keep one on hand. This kit contains sterile medical dressings, ointment, and other supplies that will prove to be extremely helpful with minor injuries. These supplies come in a handy case that features the Toyota logo. Check out part number PT420-03023 for more information.

Toyota Highlander first aid kit PT420-03023

Key Finder

Everyone loses their keys, some more frequently than others. With this awesome little device, you’ll never leave them behind again. The key finder alerts you when you leave your keys behind, and can locate keys from up to 60 feet away. It works by syncing with your iPhone and using a special app that can monitor up to eight key finders. Check it out under part number PT725-03150.

Toyota Highlander key finder PT725-03150

Mud Guards

These awesome mudguards are made to offer superior paint protection from mud, dirt, and stone chipping. The mudguards are made specifically to contour with your Highlander’s body panels and structure. They are corrosion-resistant and mounting hardware meets Toyota specifications. These are made to maintain factory ground clearance and undergo the same rigorous tests as the vehicles they go on. You’ll find more information about them under part number PT908-48111.

Toyota Highlander mud guards PT908-48111

Rear Bumper Protector

The Highlander bumper protector will help to protect the surface of your vehicle’s rear bumper — it helps to fight off scrapes and scratches. This protector was designed and manufactured to fit your Highlander’s rear bumper exactly. You’ll find more information under part number PU060-48214-P1.

Toyota Highlander rear bumper protector PU060-48214-P1

Running Boards

Highlander running boards provide easy step-in access for drivers and passengers. These are sturdy, roll-formed steel with an integrated skid-resistant step pad. They compliment the styling of the Highlander while providing secure footing. The Highlander running boards are black powder-coated for rust resistance, and they feature highly engineered mounting brackets that ensure durability and prevent flexing. Check them out under part number PT738-48120.

Toyota Highlander running boards PT738-48120

Tow Hitch Receiver

This Highlander-specific towing hitch receiver was designed by parts construction experts to provide optimal quality and function. It’s undergone a dual-layer painting process with a protective paint known as e-coat to help protect against rust and environmental damages — the UV topcoat protects against fading. This no-drill hitch and wiring hardness installs easily while maintaining the integrity of the frame and fascia pieces. Check out part number PT228-48100 for more information.

Toyota Highlander tow hitch receiver PT228-48100

Trailer Ball And Ball Mount

This ball and ball mount is designed specifically for use with Toyota tow hitches in order to accommodate the drop or rise needed to match the tow-hitch receiver to a trailer. It’s made with protective paint to withstand corrosion, elements, and UV rays. For more information check out part number PT228-48080.

Toyota Highlander trailer ball and ball mount PT228-48080

Wireless Headphones

These wireless headphones are great for use with movie players and music players by passengers. They have a fully adjustable headband that features cushioned padding for comfort during use. They include volume controls, an on/off switch with LED indicator, and they fold for compact storage. Check out part number PT943-00141 for more information.

Toyota Highlander wireless headphones PT943-00141

Pick up one, or all of these accessories to get the most out of your Highlander.