How To Replace A Tundra Fuel Injector

The fuel injection system in your Tundra consists of a pump, nozzles, and valves. When the fuel is delivered to the injector, it sprays a mist of fuel that is measured and controlled electronically. This system offers precise measuring that engine performance and fuel efficiency are optimized.

Tundra V8

Should you start to lose power or performance, you may need to replace a fuel injector. This guide will give you instructions on how to do so in your Toyota Tundra. (And if you need parts, get those here.)

Why Injectors Fail

Fuel InjectorA fuel injector fails when dirt, water, or rust enter the system and plug the nozzle, or the nozzle needle gets stuck. So what causes this to happen? More times than not, it’s due to poor fuel quality and contamination in the system, usually over a long period of time (although sometimes only over a short period of time). Poor and contaminated fuel causes corrosion and rust in the fuel system, so you can imagine the kind of damage this causes.

Prevention of a failing fuel injector is fairly simple – you just have to take precautions to ensure your fuel system stays clean. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t visit a gas station as it is getting a new shipment of fuel as sediments are likely to be agitated at this time, entering the pumps, and then your Tundra’s fuel tank.
  • Avoid filling your Tundra from portable fuel tanks, if at all possible.
  • Change your fuel filter as often as recommended (generally every 30k miles, only double-check your owner’s manual to be certain) and don’t use a cheap aftermarket fuel filter when you do it (go OEM).

Tools Needed

  • Socket wrench
  • Fuel injector kit
  • Engine coolant
  • Gaskets and o-rings

Replacement Instructions

  1. Your first step is to determine which injector kit you need and purchase it. This is based on the model and year of your Tundra, and OEM parts are the best option (learn why here).
  2. Alleviate the pressure in the fuel system and use a socket wrench to detach the battery cable to the negative terminal. Drain the coolant in a responsible manner and take off the V bank cover.
  3. Use a socket wrench to take the air cleaner assembly and the intake manifold off the truck. Detach the fuel lines and put a plug in them to keep them from leaking.
  4. Detach the fuel injector electrical connectors and with your socket wrench, take the six mounting bolts off the fuel rail. While the fuel injectors are still attached, move the fuel rail out and away from the engine compartment. Remove the fuel injectors off the fuel rail and throw away the old o-rings and gaskets.
  5. Take your new fuel injectors and install them with new gaskets and o-rings.
  6. Reverse the removal instructions for installation.
  7. Replace the coolant and start the engine.
  8. Look for fuel leaks.

You now have new fuel injectors in your Toyota Tundra, and you should see better performance.