Are OEM Fuel Injectors Better Than Aftermarket?

A bad fuel injector can leave your Toyota car or truck sputtering and running rough. Whether it's worn out or clogged (check out this article to diagnose the problem), you have the option of replacing the injectors with OEM parts or aftermarket ones. This begs the question - are OEM fuel injectors better than aftermarket?

If you're looking at aftermarket fuel injectors as a way to save money, you might be surprised to learn they can end up costing you more in the long run. Several factors can add to the cost of an aftermarket fuel injector or make it too much of a hassle. We'll cover all that in this article.

OEM Fuel Injectors Are Made To Fit Your Toyota

OEM fuel injectors are made to fit your Toyota car or truck. That means they are designed specifically for your Toyota's engine and take into account things like engine size, fuel pressure, and fuel flow rate.

Aftermarket fuel injectors tend to be more of a "one size fits all" variety. They may fit your engine, but they may not be designed for the same fuel flow rate and/or fuel pressure. So they may not atomize fuel as well as OEM injectors, and won't provide optimal performance. Your engine may still run fine, and you may not notice any difference in performance. However, it's also possible you'll see a drop in fuel economy, or your engine may seem sluggish.

OEM Fuel Injectors Are Covered By The Manufacturer's Warranty

All Toyota OEM parts, including fuel injectors, are backed by Toyota's manufacturer warranty of 12 months with unlimited miles. That means if you have problems with your fuel injectors due to normal usage during the warranty period, Toyota will replace the parts at no cost. All you have to do is return the parts to your local Toyota dealer.

Aftermarket parts don't carry the same warranty. They may have a shorter warranty or one with limited mileage. Should you have a problem with an aftermarket fuel injector during the warranty period, it won't be as easy as returning the parts to your Toyota dealer. In fact, it could be difficult to contact the company to exchange the part or get a refund.

OEM Fuel Injectors Are Made With Quality Materials

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Toyota OEM fuel injectors are built to last and made with high-quality materials. They are inspected and tested to ensure they perform well and meet Toyota factory specifications.

By comparison, aftermarket fuel injectors don't always meet those same standards. They may not be made with the same quality materials or undergo the same quality inspection process. They are often 'reverse engineered' and as a result, they may not last or perform well as long as an OEM fuel injector.

Olathe Toyota Sells Fuel Injectors At Wholesale Prices

Fuel systems are a vital part of your vehicle - and you don't want to pinch pennies when it comes to fuel system components. Your engine can only run as well as the lifeline feeding it. When it comes to fuel injectors, do your engine a favor and give it the fuel flow it needs by using OEM injectors.

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