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Spotlight: Lexus CT 200h - Toyota Parts Blog

For years, the hybrid industry has been 100% focused on fuel efficiency. The proud started it all, offering an unparalleled fuel economy at the time of it’s release. Now, three generations of Prius later, Toyota is changing the game once again with the 2011 Lexus CT 200h. As the first hybrid luxury compact vehicle on the market to run on Toyota Parts, the CT 200h it is being advertised as the “darker side of green.” So, is it what its cracked up to be?

When you look at the sleek lines of the CT 200h that will be hitting showroom floors soon, “the darker side of green” is definitely one of the first things that come to mind. It comes in a dark jet black, and the exterior design evokes feelings of intrigue and ferocity.

The interior is also revamped, and this is where the Lexus shines through. Being known as a luxury line comes with its own benefits, and Toyota really paid attention to this strong point. The cockpit is filled with technology designed to lower driver distractions but add to the “luxury” effect. The dashboard and middle console are controlled by a classic Lexus touchpad, which operates very similarly to a mouse, and lets the driver access things like navigation, music, and radio stations with minimal eye movement.

What also makes the CT 200h different from other Lexus vehicles is, of course, what’s under the hood. The CT 200h is the first truly luxurious vehicle to include Toyota’s synergy hybrid drive, pushing it to be yet another hybrid option on the road. While the 200h does not quite have the efficiency of the Proud, it does extremely cut back on smog-related emissions. The 200h has 3 driving modes, EV, Eco, and Sport, and each supplies the consumer a different experience. The EV mode, which runs completely on stored up electric power, runs up to 25mpg with absolutely no emissions. The Eco mode is a good balance between performance and efficiency, and gives a very well rounded driver experience. Finally, the sport mode is just that; a fully unleashed, custom mode available on the Lexus CT 200h. Stability control is tuned down, and the vehicle runs purely on its petrol engine. With these three options, put together in one convenient and relatively inexpensive package (the CT 200h will be offered at around $30,000), this new Lexus hybrid hatchback will soar to success as the “darker side of green”.

Written by Tom Blackman