Toyota Recalls Nearly 1.7 Million Vehicles Worldwide - Toyota Parts Blog

January 26, 2011, Toyota Motor Corp. announced a round of recalls affecting 1.7 million models company wide. While there were three separate recalls around the world, the only vehicles included in the recall in the US were GS Lexus luxury models. The largest amount of vehicles were recalled in Japan (1.3 million) and this makes this particular recall bigger than any before.

This time around, the issue in question doesn’t have anything to do with floor mats, accelerators, or brakes.
Mostly, the fuel system is somehow related in these recalls. For the “Avensis” cars sold in Europe, Toyota has found that due to several factors, (installation procedure, polish, tightness, ect), can cause a crack in the fuel system pipes. This can cause both fuel leakage and devastating faults in the fuel system. The Lexus GS models in question, (300/350 models sold between 2006-07) have been experiencing problems in the fuel pressure sensor. Again, because of an improper installation, the sensor may loosen and cause leakage.

On the actual recall, Toyota is not saying right out that there is an issue. They more so just want to get in as many vehicles into shops as they can to inspect the installation of said sensor and find out if it the Toyota Parts are defective at all.

“Due to insufficient tightening of the fuel pressure sensor connected to certain engine fuel delivery pipes (those with Nickel Phosphorus plating), there is a possibility that the pressure sensor could loosen over time. If loosening occurs, fuel could leak past a gasket used in the connection between the sensor and the delivery pipe and through the threaded portion of the sensor”

-Toyota News Release

If your vehicle is one of the ones effected in this recall, bring it to your nearest Kansas City Toyota Dealership to get it inspected for the faulty sensor.

Written by Tom Blackman