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Toyota Lower Grille Clip Replacement - 52161-02020

The lower grille helps protect the front end on your 2014 Toyota Avalon from damage. It creates a buffer between the front of your vehicle and the road. The front grille absorbs impact and distributes it along the rest of the vehicle. It also is designed to protect the radiator from objects that could penetrate it.Toyota Avalon Grille

The lower grille is held in place with clips that are evenly spaced along the sides that allows it to be snapped onto the car. Since the lower grille is designed to absorb energy in a crash, it is a part that may need replacement after an accident. If this is the case, you will need these clips to attach it to your Avalon.

By using genuine OEM parts, you will get the proper clip to fit the lower grille. When you use an OEM part, you do not need to worry that the clip will not be strong enough to hold the grille in place. These clips have been made to meet the specifications and standards of the factory. Many aftermarket parts are not made to meet Toyota’s standards, which can cause them to fail. The failure of a clip on the lower grille may cause the grille to fall off while driving, which can be a safety issue.

These lower grille clips are OEM parts and made to last, and you can count on them to be up to the specs of the factory. Should you need to replace the lower grille on your 2014 Toyota Avalon, do not forget to get all the clips you need to complete the job.

You will need OEM part 52161-02020.

You can order you’re the front grille clips for your 2014 Toyota Avalon here. https://parts.olathetoyota.com/52161-02020

Written by staciec