New Quality Plants open in the US - Toyota Parts Blog

This week, Toyota announced it will be opening many new quality centers in the U.S. to ensure quick response to quality issues, while giving the company yet another all around quality control boost. After these seven are inserted into Toyota’s global infrastructure, their total in the US will grow to 21. They will probably all specialize with a specific aspect of the company, ranging from hybrid vehicles to all terrain heavy-duty trucks.

Bloomberg news reported on this announcement, and they received a statement from Dino Triantafyllos, the vice president of Toyota’s US quality division, saying “These steps are more than fixing past mistakes…It’s also about overall quality improvements.” Unfortunately, he is a tight position. Toyota as a company has already been through a lot with the brake situation during the beginning of the year, and the current situation with the Lexus recall is making PR one of the most important things at Toyota, second of course, only to quality and safety of their Toyota Parts.

These plants will be located all around the country, and will all, collectively, contribute to the safety and  reliability to Toyota vehicles in the United States.

Written by Tom Blackman