toyota safety feature

Toyota has announced its new onboard telematics program called Safety Connect. The system comprises four major security features that include the following:

Automatic Collision Notification (ACN)

The ACN automatically calls the Toyota response center if a head-on collision occurs. The Safety Connect response center gets the ID and location of the vehicle using a GPS system, and the response agent can directly communicate with the driver. If the driver is not able to respond, the agent assumes an emergency and notifies the Public Safety Answering Point nearest to the vehicle – providing necessary help.

Emergency Assistance Button (SOS)

24-hour emergency support is only a press away with the SOS button. If the Automatic Collision Notification fails, any passenger can use this button to notify Toyota’s specialized call center.

Stolen Vehicle Location (SVL)

Using cellular signals and GPS, Safety Connect can track down the location of a stolen vehicle. The Safety Connect subscriber only needs to report the call center regarding the theft of his/her vehicle after making a police report. 

Roadside Assistance

The Toyota Safety Connect response center is ready to provide assistance 24/7. From towing problems to jump-start issues, you can ask for technical help by pressing the SOS button. The new technology will be available in selective Toyota models by 2010. With Safety Connect, Toyota strengthens the bond with its customers while ensuring enhanced reliability.

The Safety Connect feature is available in most 2010 models. They are available in every truck model and in most cars. Just walk into your local Toyota dealer and ask if it’s available in the Toyota Parts section in the store. This safety feature could possibly save your life in a dangerous situation.