Lexus “Off Center” Steering Wheels the Subject of South Korean Recall - Toyota Parts Blog

For years, the Lexus brand has been known for its superior quality and luxury in the automotive industry, and this reputation of outstanding customer satisfaction clearly shows in Toyota’s swift reaction to an issue in South Korea. The company found, in an ongoing investigation, that several of the vehicles located in S. Korea had an “off-center” steering wheel, which made it difficult for the operator of said vehicle to safely maneuver it on the busy streets of S.K. A Toyota Korea executive, according to Asia In Focus via COMTEX, stated “A recall is certain. We just need to finish our ongoing investigation to determine when it will be made and how many (vehicles) will be subject to it.”

Why is this important to the United States?

The Lexus LS, which is currently experiencing recalls in South Korea, is one of Toyota’s crowning achievements

Well, over the past year Toyota has been questioned over its procedures dealing with recalls and manufacturing errors. What this shows is that Toyota is more than capable to deal with any recall issue it comes upon, and in a swift and efficient matter. This recall also shows the very accurate and thorough quality control all Toyota Parts have to go through to stay in the market. Customer safety is on the top of Toyota’s list no doubt, and issues like an off-center steering wheel in Toyota’s eyes needs to be dealt with quickly and precisely in order to keep the trust of their loyal customers.

Written by Tom Blackman