Toyota Air Filter Replacement - 17801-0H010

Everything needs clean air to breathe, and your vehicle is no different. By regularly changing the air filter, you give your engine the chance to perform better. The air filter is designed to capture the impurities in the air before the air is taken into the intake of your engine. This filtering allows your engine to get the right mixture of air and fuel. This is a normal part of your maintenance program. Here’s why you need to change it and how to in a few easy steps.

Toyota Air Filter Replacement - 17801-0H010

Keeping your engine running at its best by replacing your air filter often. 

The genuine Toyota air filter has been designed to capture dirt and debris while allowing the proper amount of air to pass through into the engine. When you use a genuine Toyota part, you will find that the part fits just as the factory specified. You will not need to modify the filter to fit. They are reasonably priced as well.

It is easy to change your air filter, and your car will run so much better once you do. Make sure your engine is off and cool before you start. On fuel-injected vehicles, the air filter is located inside a small box. This box will pop open easily with its metal clips. From there all you need to do is remove the existing filter and replace it with the new one.

Steer clear of the MAF sensor since the screens can become easily damaged and make sure you secure the airbox when you’re done.

Use OEM part 17801-0H010 when you replace your air filter. You can buy it here.