Toyota Cabin Air Filter Replacement - 87139-YZZ08

One of the most overlooked maintenance items is your cabin air filter. However, it can really help your car smell better and for you to be healthier without dust and debris floating around. When was the last time you replaced yours?

Toyota Cabin Air Filter Replacement - 87139-YZZ08

Didn’t know you needed a new cabin air filter? Chances are then it is way overdue. Order this OEM part and fix it. Your nose will thank you.

Toyota makes a genuine cabin air filter that has been tested and certified to work the best in your Toyota vehicle. This air filter gives the best possible filtration for your vehicle and fits perfectly (no cutting with scissors). The best part? It is pretty cheap.

In order to change your air filter, it is often necessary to access the old filter through a slot behind the glove box. It is actually fairly easy to unclip the glove box and move it out of the way. Next, find the air filter slot and remove the old one. Then, stand back and admire how disgusting the old one is! Finally, replace it with the OEM part, 87139-YZZ08.

You can order a new air filter online by clicking here.