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New 2015 Camry Pics, Specs, and Info

The Camry is – and has been – the quintessential American car. You can describe it with words like “safe”, “solid,” and of course “reliable.” But what about “glamorous?” Or exhilarating? Fun to drive? Sexy? Not really. That’s not a Camry…right?

2015 Camry right front

Toyota’s all-new 2015 Camry isn’t your dad’s car

All we can say is: Wow. That’s not your dad’s car anymore, is it?

Putting the “Sport” Back in Camry

2015 Camry front view

Significant suspension changes and a new XSE package will raise the Camry’s performance quotient. Available LED lighting is a nice feature as well.

The new 2015 Camry’s exterior design conveys Toyota’s commitment to making a line of sporty, fun to drive cars again (you know, like they did back in the 70’s and 80’s). Specifically, this new car features:

  • New, more aggressive suspension tuning
  • A stiffer chassis (that, incidentally, will also improve the Camry’s already excellent crashworthiness)
  • A new hydraulic system for the brakes that will give them more of a sports-sedan feel
  • A wider track (distance between the wheels) that will improve handling
  • A re-tuned steering system that does a better job of conveying road feel
  • A new XSE package with an even more aggressive suspension tune, designed for those who want an even sportier feel
2015 Camry rear lights.

The Camry’s new rear lighting arrangement is unique in the industry.

While engines and transmissions are unchanged, the “feel” of the car is going to be much different…and much sportier.

Killer New Looks

The new Camry’s exterior speaks for itself, only a quick glance might not catch the fact that this new model will have available LED headlights (both high and low beams).

2015 Camry interior

An all-new interior is more luxurious and quieter than any Camry interior before it.

The new interior is impressive too:

  • The re-designed center console includes a USB charging port, standard 12VDC charging port, and a new wireless charging system for compatible phones
  • An animated dash cluster LCD screen that conveys far more info than before
  • Every surface has been upgraded in some way
2015 Camry door panel close-up

From the door panels to the console to the instrument cluster, the new 2015 interior is markedly different.

2015 Camry instrument cluster

The new instrument cluster features animation to convey more info

2015 Camry dash display

A new large center console screen

Finally, Toyota says that the new Camry is the quietest model ever offered (in terms of interior sound levels). That’s a considerable accomplishment, considering the current Camry is as quiet as many of the products offered by Lexus.

As Always, Safety and Reliability Are Essential

The Camry wouldn’t be one of the best-selling cars in US history if it didn’t deliver safety and reliability. Like every Camry before it, the 2015 features a commitment to quality, careful engineering and design that maximizes long-term durability, and of course safety.

Specific safety upgrades for the new vehicle include:

  • A new lane departure warning system will be available
  • Adaptive cruise control is available
  • Available blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert system
  • Standard STAR safety system
  • The upgraded chassis should perform much better in new NHTSA and IIHS safety tests
2015 Camry safety

As always, safety, quality, and durability are key requirements of every Camry

But, most importantly, what do you think? Is this new Camry a bold step in a new direction?

Postscript: Tim Esterdahl is currently at the NY Auto Show and mentions that their may be a diesel Camry in Toyota’s future. We’ll keep you posted.

Written by Jason Lancaster