Toyota Brake Check Time

As car owners, many of us neglect to check on our brake systems, but will always assume they’ll be there when we need them. Just as anything else on your Toyota, brakes should be checked often, and maintained to ensure they’re in proper working order.

Luckily, Toyota brake systems are designed to notify the driver when service is needed. Refer to the guide below to determine when and how to check on the condition of your brakes. 

Brake warning light

Brake Light

If the brake light appears on your gauge cluster, which could be an exclamation mark inside of a circle, or just the word “BRAKE,” it could mean a number of things. The brake fluid could be low, something in your brake system could be malfunctioning, or the emergency brake is engaged.

If you see this light:

Make sure the emergency brake is released. If it was indeed engaged, releasing it will rid your gauge cluster of the brake light if there are no other issues. If it still remains, contact your dealer as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Worn Pads And Increased Stopping Time

Your brake pads are put through the wringer every day, and it’s normal to find them worn down a bit. But if you’re required to engage and hold the brakes longer than normal to come to a stop they could be worn out enough to potentially cause more expensive damage. Have your brake pads checked for pad life, or replace if needed.

Strange Noises

Depending on the year and model of your Toyota, your brake pads may feature a metal pin that will graze your rotor to let you know the pad levels are getting low, or your brake system will feature a sensor that will recognize when pad levels are getting low. When you hear a high-pitched screeching sound this means you should have your brake pads inspected to determine how much life they have left in them. Of course, if you’re hearing a metal-on-metal grinding sound when applying the brakes, this signifies there’s little to no brake pad left and they need to be replaced immediately.

Remember, the condition of your Toyota’s brakes is crucial to your safety, and maintaining them should be of top priority for any and all drivers. When in doubt, check them out.