Toyota Sienna Awarded One of Best Family Cars for 2014 - KBB

The Toyota Sienna has been honored as one of the “12 Best Family Cars for 2014.” This award was judged by families and really speaks volumes for the van.

Toyota Sienna Awarded One of Best Family Cars for 2014 - Kelley Blue Book

The Toyota Sienna was recently named as one of the Best Family Cars in 2014 by Kelley Blue Book. editors pulled together several different families to assist their nine editors in determining the Best Family Cars for 2014. These judges put the vehicles through various tests and compared more than 300 models. Then, they narrowed it down to just 21 semi-finalists. The testing centered around things that families would appreciate. Items like:
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Driving performance
  • Room for child seats
  • Cargo space
  • Rear-seat entertainment

The ultimate goal was to determine the “most functional new cars for families.”

After all of this real-world testing, the Toyota Sienna emerged as a favorite. KBB editors were impressed by the Sienna’s family comfort and versatility. They went on to say, “with reclining captain’s chairs — including a footrest — the Sienna may be the most passenger-accommodating minivan you can buy.  And, with more varied configurations than any other minivan on the market, the Toyota Sienna is the perfect family-car for more than 100,000 families each year.”

This is just another nod to the Toyota Sienna – one of the best family vehicles on the market.

Do you have a Toyota Sienna? Let’s us know how you like it!

Written by Tim Esterdahl