Toyota Takes Owners and Enthusiasts on a Fun Filled Ride With Their Official Blog Site - Toyota Parts Blog

The Toyota Open Road Blog is the official blog site for Toyota.  Toyota vehicle owners can visit open road to find up to date news about the goings on in the world of Toyota.

There are many different blogs to visit from Open Road and there are several topic categories to visit. Topics range from being green and community affairs to motorsports and new product launches and so much more.   Scion has an entire section devoted to it.  The Scion section covers all things scion with cool graphics and information on what’s new in the scion world. The only thing that you might not find right away is a section for Toyota Parts that specifically apply to Scions.

Toyota’s official blog is chalk full of information and it even has Toyota TV!  You can get information on new cars and products straight from the horse’s mouth…so to speak.

Got a question on fuel economy? There is a section. Wanna know more about Toyota’s hybrids and Toyota Hybrid Parts? Yep an entire section!  You want to know something about what is going on at Toyota right now?  Check out Toyota’s Open Road Blog!  You are welcome to post your comments to any of the blog postings, pretty cool. There is a lot to explore, so to to see for yourself!

Written by Tom Blackman