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The Highest Form of Flattery... - Toyota Parts Blog

So you’ve heard of the new Toyota Scion iQ, right? Announced in the 2008 Geneva Auto show, the iQ is on its way to becoming one of the major factors in carbon dioxide reduction, and it employs a very unique body style that is modern, sleek, and aggressive. Well, it’s not so unique any more. Aston Martin, the world famous luxury car manufacturers, is working on their unique version of the iQ: the Cygnet.  So is it worth it to spend the extra money for the Aston Martin brand name?


The Cygnet is basically a luxurious version of the iQ, without the genuine Toyota parts. It comes with a fancied up console and leather interior, but many of its features remain the same. It has a fairly basic 1-liter three-cylinder engine, and incredibly efficient gas consumption statistics. Both cars can be expected to get around 58 mpg, which is truly incredible  in today’s automotive industry.

While it may be more luxurious, the Cygnet probably will not be produced for the everyday consumer, like the Scion iQ. Probably the only people to have the Cygnet available to them are people who already own Aston Martins. This means that the price of the iQ will probably be lower than the Cygnet, while powered by Toyota Parts and serviceable at your nearest Kansas City Toyota Dealership.

Written by Tom Blackman