Signs You’re Dealing With A Good Toyota OEM Parts Dealer

toyota partsBuying genuine Toyota parts online is a great way to save money. You often can find quality parts at much cheaper prices than you would at your local Toyota dealer.

Purchasing Toyota parts online does come with some risks. It’s possible you could stumble upon a “Toyota parts dealer” that is looking to swindle you out of your hard-earned money. To avoid falling into this potential trap, ask yourself the questions below. 

Question #1: Is the parts dealer tied to a Toyota car dealership?

Most respectable Toyota parts dealers will be affiliated with a local Toyota car dealership. It’s a good way of knowing if they’re legit because they must maintain certain standards to be a Toyota dealership.

Question #2: Is it easy to get in contact with an actual person?

Are parts specialists accessible to answer your questions? Do they provide contact information such as a phone number, email address, or even direct messaging? If you don’t see these types of things, you might want to avoid the parts seller.

Question #3: Do they offer multiple ways to pay for parts?

Look for a Toyota parts dealer that offers multiple payment options whether it is a credit card or even PayPal. Check to see what types of security options they provide to protect your personal information.  The key is to find a dealer that makes the purchasing process easy without any hassles.

Question #4: What types of delivery options do they offer?

Is the parts dealer vague about the delivery options? If so, you might want to avoid them because you might never get your part. Unreliable dealers sometimes inflate shipping prices to rip you off. Look for dealers that offer same day / next day shipping as well as shipment tracking options. It’s a great way of letting you know when your car parts will reach your doorstep.

Question #5: Are the parts actually OEM parts?

Look closely to make sure that the parts are actually OEM parts and not generic knock offs. Take a look at the photographs and parts numbers. If they have a phone number, double-check to make sure they’re genuine parts.

Asking yourself these five questions will help you find a reliable Toyota parts dealer. At Toyota Parts Center, we can help you find genuine Toyota parts at low prices whether it’s Prius parts or other OEM parts.