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How to Tell If a Used Car Salesperson Is Shady - Toyota Parts Blog

We all hear horror stories about those used car salespeople that are just plain terrible. They lie to you. They overcharge. They sell you a lemon. They are just plain shady.

To avoid dealing with a shady used car salesperson, follow the tips below.

Check Their Claims

Before you buy a car from the salesperson, do a little fact checking. It’s a great way to tell if the person is credible. Are their claims about the car true? Has the vehicle really not been in an accident? Use CARFAX and other tools to fact check your dealer.

Read the Reviews

The dealership most likely has reviews on websites such as Edmunds and DealerRater.com. Read what other people have to say about the dealership. It could give you a good idea whether or not the used car salesperson is shady.

Are They Overly Aggressive and Pushy?

Does it seem like the car dealer is trying to bully you into buying the vehicle? If the dealer is using overly aggressive sales tactics, there might be something wrong with the vehicle. It’s not worth the risk of doing business with someone that is pushy or aggressive.

Do They Sell Certified Used Toyotas?

If you’re buying a used Toyota, you’ll want to purchase a certified used Toyota. These vehicles come with a comprehensive warranty, roadside assistance, a quality assurance inspection and a CARFAX vehicle history report. You can rest assured the vehicle is not a lemon. Plus, you can expect any dealership repairs include Toyota OEM parts.

Following these tips will help you find the perfect used car for you and your family. For even more helpful tips, be sure to like the Toyota Parts Center Facebook Page.

Written by Tom Blackman