The Most Important Safety Features in Your Vehicle - Toyota Parts Blog

Known for safety, Toyota is the first full-line manufacturer to make its Start Safety System standard on all vehicles.

Besides your seatbelt and air bags, here are other important safety features that keep you safe in your vehicle.

1. Stability Control – This helps to improve traction in the event of wheel slips. Stability control reduces engine power giving your vehicle’s tires better traction.

2. Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) – With anti-lock brakes, you don’t have to worry about the brakes locking up during emergency stopping situations. The brakes pulsate to help you keep control of your vehicle.

3. Smart Stop Technology – With this technology, your vehicle slows down if you happen to press the gas and brake at the same time. This is very important during accident/emergency situations as well as if you accidentally push both at the same time.

4. Brake Assist – This system detects sudden panic braking. When this type of braking is detected, full braking pressure is added to avoid collision.

5. Electronic Brake Force Distribution – This technology will ensure that you have solid braking in all four wheels in the event of sudden stopping. Braking is increased in the rear brakes when there is cargo or passengers to improve stopping ability.

These five safety features can really help to improve your driving experience. To enhance your experience even more, use genuine Toyota parts. Whether you drive a Camry or a Toyota Tacoma, you want to use genuine Camry and Tacoma parts. That way, you’ll keep your vehicle in better condition.

Written by Tom Blackman