How To Tell It’s Time For New Tires - Toyota Parts Blog

tireDo you know how to tell when it’s time for new tires on your car, truck or SUV?

Driving on a set of bald tires is dangerous, especially when there’s rain, snow or ice on the road.

Here’s how you can easily check your tires.  All you need is a penny to perform a tire penny test.

Stick a penny heads side down into your tire treads.  If you can see Lincoln’s head, it means it’s time for new tires.


Additionally, if you’re experiencing any of these things while driving, you’ll want to check your tires.

  • Traction Issues – If your vehicle is having difficulty gripping the road when accelerating, you’ll want to get your tires checked out.
  • Tire Skidding – Another big problem is frequent tire skidding.  If your vehicle is having trouble coming to a complete stop on wet surfaces, get your tires checked out.
  • Check Wear Bars – U.S. law requires tires to have easy-to-read tire wear indicator bars.  If you can see a solid bar running across the tire, you need to get your tires replaced.

Following these tips, will keep you and your passengers safe in your vehicle. To enhance safety, make sure your vehicle is up to date on all routine maintenance.

If you own a Toyota, consider using genuine Toyota parts and Toyota accessories. These products have a high level of quality and keep your car in great shape.

Written by Tom Blackman