Prius Plug-InThere’s a lot of buzz about Toyota’s Prius Plug-In.

The car combines the standard Prius hybrid engine with a new lithium-ion plug-in battery.  The car is expected to get an estimated 87 miles per gallon in combined electric/hybrid driving and 49 miles per gallon in hybrid-only mode.

So is a plug-in car such as the Prius Plug-In right for you?  There are of course other options such as the Chevy Volt.  Whatever you choose, you’ll want to remember these important facts.

Most Plug-In Cars Still Need Gas

Cars like the Prius Plug-In and the Chevy Volt still use gasoline.  According to CNN Money, the Prius Plug-In can go about 13 miles on battery power alone.  After that, it switches over to the standard hybrid engine.

Charging Takes Time

The Prius Plug-In uses a lithium-ion battery.  This is similar to the batteries in your cell phones and laptops.  It’s just a lot bigger.  According to Toyota, a full charge takes 2.5 to 3 hours on a 120V household outlet.

Expect To Pay More

The Prius Plug-In is going to cost you a little more than your standard Prius.  The Prius Plug-In starts at $32,000.  The standard Prius starts at $23,520.

Expect To Wait

There’s already a demand for the Prius Plug-In and it’s not even out yet.  Just like when the first Prius came out, there will probably be somewhat of a wait.

The video above will show you to order a Prius Plug-In.

So is a plug-in car right for you?  That’s for you to decide.  The information above should help you make the right decision.

If you own a Prius and are looking to get a few more years out of it, be sure to use genuine Toyota parts. Genuine Prius parts will help to ensure your car is in good working order