2011 Toyota Prius Ships To Select Cities And Businesses

Toyota 2011 Prius

For years, consumers have waited for an efficient car alternative that cuts emissions, but have worried about the range of the battery. Toyota is cashing in on this need with its 2011 Toyota Prius, reported on by Motor Trend. Today, the company began to ship out a limited number of 2011 Prius to a few businesses and cities in Europe and the US. One city receiving the Prius, Strasburg, has installed approximately 300 recharging stations, which brings us to the next big feature; the vehicle features the company’s first plug–in hybrid. The Prius will run on an electric motor alone for 14 miles before it switches to its gas-powered motor, allowing it an apx. 870-mile range. 

Other automotive manufacturers have plans for hybrid plug–in models, i.e. the Chevrolet Volt, but the 2011 Prius uses a revolutionary Lithium-ion Battery. The battery can hold a longer charge than the Volt, and it is less expensive. When it hits the sales floor, the Volt is expected to cost approximately $47,000. The Prius, however, will cost about 3 million yen ($33,770). With a cheaper price and a more advanced battery, Toyota hopes to take over the market for Plugin hybrids with their environmentally safe Toyota Parts.