The Top 5 Vehicle Accessories For Any Football Fan

FootballFootball season is in full swing!  Thank goodness there wasn’t a lockout.

If you’re like most football fans, you may be doing a little tailgating.

In case you didn’t know, you can transform any Toyota truck into the ultimate tailgating vehicle.  All you need are the following items. 

Truck Cap: A truck cap is a great investment.  A truck cap protects any valuable items that you may be carrying for a tailgate from potential thieves as well as weather.  Many people build custom compartments in their truck cap to store beverages and other items.

Grill: A tailgate wouldn’t be a party without a good grill. Find one that attaches to your truck's hitch and swings out when you’re ready to use it.

Keg Cooler: Why settle for cans of beer when you can have draft beer. Installing a keg cooler into the back of your truck can make your truck the center of any tailgating party.

Great Stereo: Finally, you’ll need to have a great stereo with excellent speakers. Listening to the pregame show or listening to music is a must for any tailgate.  

Other Accessories: Tailgating is all based on preference.  Also, consider looking for accessories with a company that sells Toyota parts. They may have some Tacoma accessories or Tundra accessories that will be great for any tailgate.