Will the Sedan Disappear?

The US market has made a major shift in the last few years. The Camry is no longer the number one seller. It has been replaced by the RAV4 and other crossover SUVs. Why is this happening, and what does it mean for fans of the traditional sedan? Read on to find out.

Are Sedans Being Phased Out In The US?


There are several reasons why automakers are moving away from sedans:

  1. Crossovers have overtaken sedans as the new passenger cars of today. Crossovers have improved so much that most drive almost like sedans, and offer more passenger and cargo room. They also offer a better view of traffic. Automakers are simply responding to the market demand by shifting their focus and funds to crossover SUVs.
  2. Automakers are also setting aside funds to invest in new technology like self-driving cars and electric cars. Pair that with the diminishing demand for sedans, and most automakers that are reluctant to keep investing in sedans.

So it's no wonder that sedan enthusiasts are worried about keeping sedans around in the US. But, even though these reasons are valid, crossovers aren't ideal for everyone. A sedan has a lower center of gravity, so it will handle better, and they will also usually weigh less.

Toyota Still Leads the Industry in Sedans

Despite the steady decline of sedan sales in the US, Toyota is still investing in sedans. Camry and Corolla sales are very strong. The Camry is still the best selling sedan in the country, and the Corolla is the third best selling sedan. And both are in the top 10 in sales when pickups and crossovers are included. Toyota has evolved the Camry into a much sportier model than it used to be. It's handling and performance can't be matched by a crossover. A lot of people are still looking for a sedan that is fun to drive either to work or to carry the kids around, and the Camry really excels at these things. The Corolla has also evolved in much the same way. Both are exciting cars to look at and to drive. And because they are lighter and more aerodynamic than crossovers, they are more fuel efficient.  Toyota believes that the sedan has a classic and practical design that is here to stay.

Written by Jason Lancaster